hi there friends guess what i’m doing another giveaway would u look at that

i didn’t think this would happen again so soon but i just hit 2k so i’m doing another thing hooray

ooooh prizes ooooh:

i’m a music blog so these are pretty much all music things you see

  • brand new skull candy uprock headphones woo (as u can see they’re still in the box)
  • cool vampire weekend inspired floral sunglasses wowza
  • $15 itunes gift card (maybe more if i’m feeling nice idk)
  • lots of weird stickers/temporary tattoos that i have and haven’t stuck on stuff yet
  • vans hooded long sleeve shirt (mens large)
  • vans marvel comic logo baseball tee (mens large)
  • 32 GB third generation ipod touch and charging cable
  • also (just like last time) i will buy you the band t-shirt AND band poster of your choosing because u deserve to get what u want my friend u are a beautiful soul (that means the picture is of my personal band shirts i’ll buy u the same one if you want one of those but i’m not giving those to u hell no i don’t love u guys that much get over urselves just kidding ily all but seriously those are mine)
  • if you don’t want either the t-shirt or the poster, then i’ll buy you the cd or vinyl of your choice as long as the cost is in the same range
  • if the winner doesn’t want everything included, i’ll pick a second place winner to get the remainder of the items

rules yo:

  1. likes don’t count, only reblogs (you can like the post to bookmark it but that won’t enter you in the drawing)
  2. you do not have to me following me, but if you are you’ll get 10 extra entries woo
  3. no giveaway blogs i’ll fuckin check
  4. listen i’m not using a number generator this time because it was really problematic before, so i’m writing down all your urls by hand and putting them in a giant fishbowl and drawing the name that way so be a cool friend and don’t spam or i’ll kill you
  5. i won’t actually kill you but spam will disqualify you (i’m okay with like 5-10 reblogs max per day alright any more than that and ur done punk)
  6. please keep the cost of the poster/shirt under $30 each okay i’m still a broke college kid. also if i can find your item cheaper on a different site, that is where i’ll get it from, but i promise that you’ll get what you ask for
  7. must be willing to give me your address and shirt size duh
  8. i’m paying for shipping to anywhere you live so as long as the website you find your stuff on accepts USD and will ship to where you live there will be no cost to you, champ
  9. if the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, i’ll pick another winner (so you need to have your inbox open so i can tell you that you won that’s kind of a no brainer)

Giveaway ends January 5th, 2014 at 8pm US central time good luck and have a blast pals!!!